Your sales presentations, billing, and customer service quality are among your most valuable marketing tools. Let us help!

Running a business consists of basic business principles, regardless of the trade, size, or location.  OAA delivers.

How can we help you?

Hiring and training the right people to represent your company.
Meeting employee retention, payroll, and benefits goals and deadlines.
Knowing you and your industry to apply your talents to their best advantage, delegating other responsibilities to our expertise.
Understanding your customers' needs and marketing to them.
Providing excellent customer service, including prompt phone responses.
Delivering accurate bids and sales presentations.
Managing accurate and timely customer billing.
Budgeting with a critical review of accounts payable
Applying sound accounting principals and bookkeeping.
Keeping tax records and reporting current and accurate.


We help you through the routine, and the not-so-routine compensation, staffing and benefits processes.

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We view your books as closely as if they were our own to help make your business more efficient, accountable, and  profitable.

 We will help you with the "other" things that make your company run smoother.  Social media management, property management, and referrals to our network of professional contacts.


​​experienced. professional. Prompt. local.

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