About OAA

To support the small business owner to grow, develop, and operate their company in a fashion that protects their employees, their assets, and their profit margins to the best of our ability.



Becky Gallagher established OAA in 2010 when she saw there was a gap in the marketplace supporting the special needs of small business owners. Running a small business is no different than running a large corporation, except the small business usually doesn't have the expertise 'in-house' for things like payroll, QuickBooks, insurance renewals, IT support, customer service, HR issues and other aspects of office administration. OAA is experienced in all those things so you don't have to be. We focus on what we do, so you can focus on what you do.

To do this we will provide the best customer service at the best price only as long as it is in the customer's best interest. When it is no longer in the customer's best interest we will encourage them to hire staff, secure the advice of a different professional, or take the action that we otherwise feel would best protect their employees, their assets or their company profits.

"Becky and her team have been a crucial part of our growth as a company.  They treat our business as if it was their own and, over the years, have provided integral advice and support to further our objectives.  We have been affiliated with OAA since 2008 and I can say, without reservation, that we would not be where we are today without them."

Matt Kuehl

Prior Client, Keystone Group LLC